Transform Gene Therapy Delivery to the CNS, Optimise Translational Modelling Approaches & Discover Targeted, Efficacious and Safe Vectors to Revolutionise the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Europe is dedicated to solving the translational drug development challenges encountered in the development of gene therapies for neurological disorders.

Industry pioneers from the leading pharma and biotech companies including Avexis, uniQure, and Biogen will share how to improve the translatability of small and large animal models, develop innovative delivery approaches to guarantee delivery of vector and understand the realities of immunogenicity challenges in the CNS.

Join this definitive, niche digital conference to accelerate the development of your gene therapy pipeline and address the significant unmet need in neurological indications.

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Attendees of Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders USA said:

“This was the most worthwhile conference that I have been to in several years.”

Michael Fossel, President - Telocyte

"Great, open exchange of ideas and sharing of data with great discussions about issues facing this emerging field."

Nicole Sherry, Senior Director, Global Clinical Development Lead - Takeda 

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